Volunteers are spending their first weekend of 2018 working to cleanup Sequatchie Mountain Road, and it’s no easy task.

"You want to come down and help me get the other piece to this carpet?" Michael Fox, a volunteer, yelled to a friend.

Fox and another volunteer are pulling carpet off the side of the road. They are cleaning up everything from tires, cans, bottles and more.

"I was surprised to hear there was that kind of dumping ground on the side of this road," Fox said.

It’s a problem volunteers are hoping to stop. The initiative was put together by a nonprofit organization called Green Steps.

"It's just years and years of accumulative trash,” Alyssandra Grizenko, one of the organizers, said.  “Lots of bulky items, lots of tires."

Grizenko hopes this project has created a ripple effect throughout the community.

"I think it's everyone’s responsibility to take ownership of the outdoors; it goes beyond your front yard,” Grizenco urged. “I hope after this cleanup everyone sees the importance of that."

Many volunteers don’t live off Sequatchie Mountain Rd., but still feel obligated to help.

"Just to make it look better,” Fox said. “It's just the right thing to do."

The cold weather is another problem volunteers are dealing with.

"This would've come right up if it wasn't frozen like it is," Fox said as he was picking up trash from the ground.

However, volunteers said it's worth dealing with, especially if it shows people just how bad litter is in this area.

"It's just hard to get people to see what they're doing,” Fox explained. “Except to get them out here."

Volunteer crews will be out again Sunday to continue cleaning up.

Volunteers will meet at the bottom of Sequatchie Mountain Rd. to sign in and pick up supplies. Crews will be cleaning up from 9:00 am CT until 3:00 pm CT.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring gloves, bags and shovels if they can. However, Green Steps will also provide them.