Several Walker County residents are facing unusually high water bills this month, and they're trying to figure out why. But the water company, says there's nothing they can do. 

Shauna Gallahar and her boyfriend moved into their first home in Walker County 10 months ago. They received their latest bill on Tuesday, which says they used 190,000 gallons of water. That would fill more than six average-sized swimming pools.

"That would be showing in our yard in our house I mean that’s a huge amount of water," said Gallahar. 

Gallahar says they typically pay about $30 for water, but this month's bill showed the couple owed $877.65. 

"Anyone would be frustrated. This is more than our mortgage now. Our lowest bill has now went above our mortgage. That's just mind boggling," said Gallahar. 

Gallahar says employees with the water company calibrated their water meter Friday afternoon, and those officials say it worked fine. 

"I wasn’t saying the meter was wrong; I think it’s correct. I just don’t think it’s been read in a long long time." 

Channel 3 reached out to an employee with the water company, Michael Wade, who refused to go on camera. He says Gallahar has a leak, but doesn't know where. 

Gallahar is not convinced.

"We’ve even reached out and said if we do find the leak we will pay it, but if there’s not a leak found which this water has obviously not been used, because where would you store 190,000 gallons of water?" said Gallahar.  

We're told four other customers also received unusually high water bills from the company this month. The employee we spoke to says the company serves 1,300 customers, and at least 10 of them have high bills each month. 

Channel 3 also reached out to the water company's Board Chairman, Tim Mason, who says they have a policy that states if a water meter is checked and proved effective the customer must pay the full bill. However, a customer can arrange payments over time with no extra charges. 

Gallahar and her boyfriend aren't sure what they're going to do, but they're searching for answers. 

"All they're telling us is pay it or we'll cut it off. You're putting us between a rock and a hard place. I need some justification of the water usage. That's all I'm asking for," said Gallahar. 

Georgia residents can file a complaint against their utility company online. For more information, click here