Bradley County sheriff's deputies are checking on the elderly to make sure they're safe and warm in these subfreezing temperatures.

With temperatures as cold as they are, deputies want to make sure the most vulnerable residents are doing okay. That's why they're checking up on them with either a phone call or a visit.

Driving around the county, Bradley County sheriff's deputies are looking out for the area's seniors. Channel 3 road along as Sheriff Eric Watson and a deputy paid a visit to a few homes.

At 90 years old, Beverly Finnell is in good health, but the cold still bothers her like anyone else.

"Cold. This is cold," Beverly Finnell, a Bradley County resident said.

Finnell is one of nearly 700 enrolled in the county's senior checklist program. They step it up when temperatures become extreme.

Sheriff Eric Watson said the needs for each elderly person can differ.

"It ain't nothing for a deputy to take them a gallon of milk or some food or a blanket. Our officer has today, actually, and it's to serve the people of the county," Sheriff Eric Watson said.

At least once a week, the Bradley County Sheriff's Office will call seniors on the list and visit them once a month. It's a comforting feeling for Finnell.

"It feels good to know that the sheriff's department is circling and taking care," Finnell said.

She's independent, but knows the sheriff's office is only a phone call away if she needs help.

"You don't know what a comfort that is to know that if I really need something because I'm not one to call on people, but if I really need something, I can call the sheriff's department and it'll be done," Finnell said.

To sign up for the program, you can either sign up yourself or have a family member or a deputy help. You can contact the Bradley County Sheriff's Office at (423) 728-7300.