The subfreezing temperatures across the Tennessee Valley are bursting pipes and shutting off water to a lot of homes and businesses.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee American Water crews have been busy repairing water main breaks across the city including one on Broad Street.

That caused a mess for people since it happened last night. It's now been fixed.

The next step is for the road to be repaved so that the closed portion of 12th Street and Broad Street can be reopened.

Signs reading "utility work ahead" are popping up across Chattanooga as pipes continue to burst from the cold weather.

In Saint Elmo, 50 gallons of water per minute were leaking from a pipe on Pennsylvania Avenue. Kimberly Rios-Gonzalez lives down the street and says it affected her house.

"How are we going to get water in the house for my babies? It's crazy. It's hectic. This weather is just ridiculous," Kimberly Rios-Gonzalez, a neighbor said.

She and her 9-year-old daughter were bundled up as they waited for their water to turn back on.

"It's like a globe of ice," Alyssia Rios-Gonzalez, her daughter said.

Shoveling dirt, Tennessee American Water crews were wearing plenty of layers as they battled the cold and made repairs. They've been swamped with calls since Tuesday night.

"Any time you get weather in the teens, you know to prepare yourself because you're going to have a lot of leaks," Chase Layne with Tennessee American Water said.

One of the larger leaks they responded to was on Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga. That eight inch water main break had crews working overnight to get it fixed.

Layne said the cold presents more challenges.

"When it is this cold, it doesn't take long for the water to freeze, so when you're on a job site, you got more things to worry about whether your pump is freezing up even extra ice, you got to take extra cautions, so it does take a little bit longer," Layne said.

They're asking for patience as they try to fix all of the leaks quickly and safely. As for neighbors, they're hoping for some relief from the cold soon.

"Awful, just awful. It's too cold," Rios-Gonzalez said.

Until then, they're staying as warm as they can.

Tennessee American Water has received more than 100 calls this week.

They expect more water main breaks in the coming days because of the weather. That's why they have crews on stand by for when that happens.