Every time you go workout, you have to take your valuables inside and lock them up, or you run the risk of being our next Crime Stoppers' victim.

This week, we are looking for two guys who went trolling in a gym's parking lot and scored at least a few credit cards. Up to $1,000 cash is available if you recognize them. 

"They knew they were going to go here and they were going to break into these vehicles, take what they could and try to use what they could as quickly as possible," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller explained.

Investigators were able to put the pieces together leading to some pretty good pictures that could result in your payday. 

"Back in December," Sgt. Miller explained, "we have three vehicles that were burglarized in the parking lot on Lee Highway where there's multiple businesses in the area."

It was around 6:30 in the morning and still dark outside.

"The victims went inside one of the local businesses," he continued, "and they probably left some valuables that were in plain sight." 

The two guys we're looking for broke into those vehicles and took everything they could find. Then they immediately went to use the stolen credit cards in Hixson.

"So, within about an hour, multiple cards were tried at other businesses," Sgt. Miller said, "and that's where we have the surveillance video that shows the suspects." 

One of them stands very close to the camera, so if you know him, you will quickly recognize him.

"There's two different suspects," Sgt. Miller said. "They're both black males wearing all dark clothing. One of them looks like he might have an earring or something in his ear, so that may stand out to you, and also you'll see a picture of the vehicle that they were driving."

That looks to be a red or maroon color Ford Escape.

"When you look at the vehicle, it may be a vehicle that you rented, or maybe that you owned or your friend owns," he added. "This could be something that they borrowed. it may not necessarily be their vehicle."

Take a close look at all of the photos. If you were driving something like this vehicle and lent it out in the middle of December, your call could keep you out of trouble and earn you some honest cash.

"We're asking for you to call in to stop these criminals," Sgt. Miller said, "because we know that the probability is that they're continuing to do the same thing."

The lesson: when you go to the gym, get a combination lock and utilize a locker inside if you can. If not, lock it: lock your vehicle.  Hide it: hide your valuables in the trunk. The best plan, though, is hold it: take your valuables with you. 

If you recognized one or both of our crooks this week, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

We have up to a $1,000 reward for your good tip, and we will never ask your name.