I took a ride on a scooter the other day, that can be controlled with an app on my smartphone. Crazy right? The GenZe scooter is all electric, can go up to 30mph and stay charged for hours and it connects to my phone and the AT&T network.

"Through the AT&T network, you can use the GenZe app and that will connect you to wireless technology that will monitor your speed, your direction and your mileage," said Cathy Lewandowski of AT&T. "You don't need a motorcycle license. If you work for a courier service, or if you work for Postmates or door delivery this is great."

I took the scooter on a short ride and was surprised at how quiet it is when moving at full speed. It's easy to ride, easy enough for someone who hasn't been on a motorcycle or scooter since high school.

"You can even use this device as a remote control and disable the scooter if it gets stolen," said Lewandowski. I'd add the app's ability to track the scooter might come in handy when you're leaving a store and searching for it in the parking lot.

The GenZe scooter is one of a number of new devices that work on wireless or LTE

The Netgear Arlo Go is a security camera that requires no wires and little set-up. The Whistle 3 pet tracker is a small device that fits on a pet's collar. Since it connects to GPS through a data connection, you won't have to rely on it being able to connect to someone's wifi network to find out where your pet is.

The Tumi Global locator also works on the AT&T network. Toss into a suitcase and you'll be able to track your luggage whether it has a wifi network or not. The ZTE Mobley is a mobile hotspot that connects to a car's OBD-II to turn the entire car into a hotspot for sharing the internet.

The GenZe connected scooter is $3599 and can be purchased online.