UPDATE: Many school systems in our area, including Marion County, are either closed or on a two-hour delay because of weather-related issues. Marion County is extending their holiday break through the end of this week due to damages caused by the extreme cold.

Director of Schools Mark Griffith tells Channel 3, while the heat went out at Whitwell Elementary, pipes burst at both South Pittsburg Elementary and Monteagle Elementary, pouring several inches of water into the hallways.

"Most kids are excited and parents probably not," Griffith said. 

School is out for the next couple of days across Marion County while maintenance crews work to clean up the mess.

"When he got there, there was water coming out of the sprinkler system," Griffith said. "Obviously, it was frozen."

Crews found several inches of standing water after temperatures dipped Wednesday morning. 

Griffith says the pipes in the ceiling at Monteagle Elementary will have to be replaced. 

"In the ceilings, we've got to replace about probably 50-60 feet of pipe up there," Griffith said. "It's dripping down into the hallways, and we've got some damage in one of the rooms that is carpeted."

Other schools in the county are having problems heating up.

"I know some of our gymnasiums have had issues as well, but we've got maintenance working around the clock to get that ready for Monday," Griffith said.

PREVIOUS STORY: Several Marion County schools will need repairs from damages caused by the extreme cold.

Pipes burst at both South Pittsburg Elementary and Monteagle Elementary.

At South Pittsburg Elementary, water from the pipes is leaking into the hallways.

Monteagle Elementary has significant damage and several feet of piping in the ceiling will have to be replaced. 

In addition, Whitwell Elementary currently has no heat.