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Water main break causes road to freeze

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The freezing temperatures kept crews with Tennessee American Water Company busy today. They fielded dozens of calls.

One of those calls came from a Chattanooga neighborhood where a water main break has residents worried about driving conditions.

Residents on Juandale Trail say the problem started over the weekend, and while the water company is aware of the situation, it could be a few more days before the break is repaired, leaving drivers to brave icy conditions.

Saturday night, residents on Juandale Trail noticed water flowing from a crack in the middle of the street. That's when Jannie Williams called the Tennessee American Water Company for help.

A spokesperson says crews turned off the water but left it spilling on the roadway.

"I understand it might be a problem with the escalation of all the pipes freezing around the city, but if we have dangerous measures, I mean, somebody need to come fix it," homeowner Jannie Williams said.

Temperatures never made it above freezing Sunday, which left the road iced over.

“I see a car slide on ice next to me, and so, I was like, now it's a major problem," Williams says.

Neighbors are worried about their safety and sliding off the road. They also wonder who will pay for the water.

"By been running for four days straight so far, somebody is going to be responsible for that bill," Williams said. "So, yes ma'am, I'm going to pay real close attention to my water bill."

Daphne Kirksey, with Tennessee American Water, says customer bills won’t be impacted.

“We do not think so because we haven't had any reports on people not having water,” Kirksey said.

Neighbor Jackie Heatthington says this isn't the first time this type of break has happened in their neighborhood. She says leaks have appeared since November, but the cold temperatures are making the problem worse.

“It started right here on Broadcliff Way, and then went into the curb another line had broken," Heattington says. "And now, it's right here on Juandale."

Kirksey tells Channel 3 crews will sand the road in an effort to keep drivers safe.

"Since we're having so much extreme cold weather, I don't know exactly which day we'll be able to make the repair,” Kirksey says.

Kirksey says crews will return when temperatures warm up to make repairs. Today alone, the Tennessee American Water Company had over 50 calls reporting no water or frozen meters.

They also had three active leaks Tuesday evening.



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