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Pipes frozen? Here's what you should do now

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Another blast of cold temperatures has the Tennessee Valley taking cover. 

If you're just now getting around to protecting your pipes, plumbers say it's too late. Pipes have already frozen in some homes. 

A couple things you need to do tonight, let your faucets drip and remember to keep the door to your laundry room open to protect the pipes to your washer. 

Another thing you need to do is keep your garage door closed. 

Michael Cannon with Cannon's plumbing said opening your garage door for just a few seconds to let your car out is dangerous in these temperatures. 

"Normally around here, you can open it go to work and by the time you get home it's above freezing. But this week, when you open it all your pipes are going to be frozen. So just park outside for a few days and keep that garage door closed. If you leave it closed, they probably won't freeze," Cannon said. 

If your pipes are frozen, there isn't much a plumber can do until they thaw. 

Cannon said homeowners should turn their faucets on when they realize their pipes are frozen to make more room. 

"What caused them to freeze in the first place is the pipe expanding and it has nowhere to go," he added.  So that helps. You really need to have a water key so if it does freeze, or you have to go to work, walk outside and turn the water off."

Cannon said you should turn your water off at the main source, especially when you leave your home, so it doesn't flood when pipes thaw. 

He said the best way you can do that is at the meter by your street. 

If you are in the market for a plumber, Cannon reminds people to remember to cancel if you call multiple companies.

"If you decide to cancel a plumber, call and tell them," he added. "Don't just call everybody. A lot of people do that and the first one that shows up, then they'll forget about it."

If you have questions about protecting your home, call Cannon at 423-488-1111 or e-mail him.  



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