A popular new year's resolution many people make is getting in shape, but sticking with it can be difficult.

Trainers at Orangetheory Fitness in Chattanooga said that to be successful in losing weight in the new year, you need to have a goal, make a plan and find an accountability partner.

"There's no end date," Jessica Griffis, an Orangetheory trainer, said. "It's a daily journey for that longevity and that health."

Orangetheory Fitness member David Sutton told Channel 3 his key to meeting his fitness goals is to remember that getting in shape isn't a competition.

"Be the best you," member David Sutton said. "You're not competing with anyone else other than yourself. My goal is to be better next month than I am this month. Not better than the guy next to me."

Trainers at the gym also told Channel 3 that deciding to make a change, pulling up to a gym parking lot, opening the door and starting are all key in being successful.