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A cold start to the new year with wind chill advisories

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Good Morning,

We have a cold day in store with a mostly cloudy start with more sunshine this afternoon. Temperatures today expected to be 10-12 degrees colder, in the middle 30s. A north wind this morning is bringing a wind chill, feeling like 19-25 through noon today. For the late nighters ringing in the New Year, expect a wind chill of 14º by 9:00pm, and 9º by midnight.

The temperature overnight will dip to 17, making it the coldest night of this winter season so far. Make sure pets are not left outside too long in this cold. A north wind of 10-12 mph will continue for New Year's Day.

A Wind Chill Advisory will go into effect starting as early as 10:00pm tonight for counties in north Georgia and north Alab:00ama through 11:00am Monday. A Wind Chill Advisory will be valid from 1:00am through 12:00pm on Monday for Grundy, Marion, Sequatchie, and Bledsoe, and from midnight through 12:00pm Monday for eastern Polk in TN, and Cherokee, Grah:00am, and Swain in NC. Single digit wind chill values are likely in the morning on New Year's Day. Some areas could see a wind chill below zero, including Altamont, Dayton, Blue Ridge, and Murphy. 

By noon on New Year's Day, wind chill values should reach the teens. Remember, the precursor for frostbite, is frost nip. It usually occurs on the fingertips, notes, and toes. 

Monday will also bring #2 of the Supermoon Trilogy. The moon will rise after 5:00pm New Year's Day night. If you miss this supermoon, you'll have another chance to view one on January 31st, making it a "blue" supermoon. 

The weather pattern making is cold and dry at this time.

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  • 8:00am... Mostly Cloudy, 25º
  • Noon... Partly Cloudy, 31º
  • 4:00pm... Partly Cloudy, 34º
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