As the new year sets in, so will the cold temperatures. While during the day temps will be borderline freezing, the evenings will be in the teens.

Many may think putting on a heavier coat will do the trick, but Josh Legg, of Rock Creek Outfitters, says it's best to have a layering system. Creating a layering system begins with a base layer or Long Johns. This is the first layer against your skin that will help you stay dry and warm.

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“As many layers on top of you to retain warmth that your body is producing as possible if you have extra space between your jacket your body is working hard to warm that space up,” Josh Legg, Rock Creek Outfitter's Merchandise Manager, says.

As you piece together your outfit, you need to keep in mind the types of material you are choosing.

“Cotton just doesn't have the same heat retention qualities, and something like a merino wool or polypropylene base layer would have,” Legg says.

Legg says merino wool is one of the best insulators.

The wool allows extra heat to move through it but will trap heat when your body needs it.

Legg also suggests a synthetic material.

“This material that is basically a strand of string that is bunched up inbound and turned into an entire sheet of insulation,” Legg says.

Legg says your layering system should include a base layer, your outfit, a coat based on your needs and a warm pair of shoes.

“If you haven't thought through the necessary items to have, then you could find yourself in big trouble," Legg says. "Hypothermia is a real consideration."

Natural body heat is lost through your head, hands and feet, so grabbing a wool hat, gloves and socks are simple items that will also help you stay warm.

Legg says if you layer accordingly, then you will be able to enjoy the environment more because it won’t seem as bad.

Legg suggests those going out on New Year's Eve use a reverse layering process because you can take items off once inside a building.

That means wear a jacket, scarf and gloves that you could place in coat check.