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A little science and champagne for your New Year's

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If you broke out the bottle of champagne for Christmas and still have champagne left over, there are a few tricks to get the bubbles going and still use the leftover champagne bottle for New Year's Eve. This will work on recently opened bottles of champagne, not a month old bottle.

Add a raisin. Really! The raisin is ridged. Any leftover CO2 will adhere to the raisin's ridges. Immediately the raisin will expel CO2 in the way of emitting bubbles. The more raisins added, the more bubbles will be created.

If a raisin doesn't sound appealing. You could try adding a strawberry or raspberry. The raisin will work best, while the berries may sound more appealing and look aesthetically nicer.

It works on any carbonated beverage that may have gone flat too, not just champagne. For a fun experiment at home with kids, use any type of soda or sparkling water that has gone flat.

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