Cold weather is challenging for firefighters. Their uniform weighs 60 to 90 pounds when it's dry, and when they get wet, the water only adds to that weight. Not to mention, they wear extra layers under their gear this time of year.

"We're gonna get wet," said Battalion Chief Chris Warren of the Chattanooga Fire Department said. "That's a huge part of what we do. And when you're wet and cold, the water's heavy and it's just as fatiguing as a high-heat day. When you're very tired it's possible to not be quite as sharp. You could make some mistakes that could be very costly." 

Friday morning, firefighters battled a house fire in Chattanooga. The cold temperatures caused the water they were using to put out the blaze to freeze on the street.

Assistant Chief Daniel Hague of the Chattanooga Fire Department told Channel 3 that they had to have Chattanooga Public Works come sand the road down because of the ice that had built up.

Battalion Chief Warren also said its common for firefighters to suffer from hypothermia during the colder months.