Saints running back Alvin Kamara got into the Christmas spirit last Sunday by wearing a pair of red cleats designed to look like the stockings one hangs by the fireplace with care in hope that St. Nick will drop a few goodies inside before they wake up on Christmas morning.

The NFL gave Kamara something closer to a lump of coal, however. Kamara said he hoped that the league wouldn’t fine him for wearing shoes that aren’t in the team’s colors and teammate Mark Ingram called on the league to not be a “Grinch”, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Kamara shared a picture of a fine letter from the league on Twitter Thursday morning along with a message saying that he’ll start the GoFundMe page later. Kamara said after the game that he’d open such a page with plans to donate any excess money to charity.

The NFL’s fine schedule for 2017 calls for first offenses of uniform rules to be punished with a $6,076 fine.