Temperatures below freezing mean it's time to protect your pipes.

If you don't, it could end up costing you a pretty penny. 

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The best thing you can do is make sure the crawl space under your home is completely closed. 

Plumbers we talked to say wind can get around the pipes and cause them to freeze. 

They also say if you're going to wrap your pipes, make sure you use the appropriate tape. 

Michael Cannon, owner of Cannon's Plumbing, suggests heat tape, which you can get at a hardware store. 

"I've fixed hundreds of frozen pipes that were wrapped up and eventually the cold will get to them. If you have a pipe that's exposed, you have to use a heat tape. Don't just wrap it up with insulation and newspaper."

"Newspaper isn't good either because it's a fire hazard," he said. 

We've all heard you should let your faucets drip during periods of below-freezing temperatures, but there's one area in your home Cannon said that doesn't keep from freezing: the laundry room. 

"A lot of people will close their laundry room door, and so besides being on the outside wall, it's the coldest room in the house and washing machine rooms don't have ducts," Cannon added.  So make sure you leave that door open."

If you have questions about protecting your home, call Cannon at 423-488-1111 or e-mail him at mike@cannonsplumbing.com