Channel 3 learned that a gunshot wound is the cause of a woman's death after an officer-involved shooting over the weekend.
She was found dead in the back of the car.

The shooting happened during an attempted traffic stop in Grundy County.  20-year-old Shelby Comer was in the car with Jacky Bean during the stop.

Investigators say Bean pointed a gun at the deputy, and the deputy returned fire. It's still not clear if it was that gunshot that killed Comer

"She just turned 20," Hannah Fults, Comer's friend, said. "This isn't happening. This isn't real. This can't be happening to her.” 

Hannah Fults, says she is still in disbelief.

The TBI released Comer's autopsy stating she died from a gunshot wound.

"She had?" Fults asked. "I didn't know she had been shot. Everybody wants to know what happened to her, especially her mom and her dad. They want to know what happened to their baby girl and everything like that. It's kind of hard."

Fults says she's known Comer her whole life, and one of Comer's favorite things is doing makeup and taking pictures.

"Very kind and always cheerful and trying to make everybody happy, and she was very sweet,” Fults said.

Fults said she has many memories with Comer, but she described one of her favorites.

“Probably whenever I picked up from school every morning and we would always like sing on the radio like girls do and just laugh,” Fults said.

TBI agents are investigating this case.