You've heard, I'm sure, that your phone is carrying all kinds of germs and bacteria. The most
quoted statistics is that your smartphone carries 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Look, everything carries germs and bacteria. Thing is you can wash and even sterilize most
everything with the exception of electronic gadgets. One drop of water inside a phone or tablet,
and it can be destroyed. How then are we supposed to clean these things?

Here are a few suggestions to clean the screen and back of your phone safely:

To remove fingerprints from the screen use Scotch Tape. This won't clean the phone of germs
and bacteria but by placing the tape on a fingerprint and pulling it away a few times the
fingerprints will be removed.

Use a water/vinegar solution. You don't want to pour liquid on the phone ever, so use a 50/50
vinegar/water mixture. Grab a micro-fiber cloth, you can find those cheap at dollar stores. Dip
just a corner of the cloth into the solution and wipe down the phone. Don't get the cloth soaking
wet, just damp. Wipe it down and quickly dry the moisture with another corner, a clean dry
corner of the same cloth. This will make your smartphone screen shine again. Use it on the
back of the phone while you're at it. Since you've got that solution handy, go ahead and wipe
down all of your smartphones, tablets and computer screens.

Stay away from wiping your phone across a shirt sleeve, pants or even a paper towel. These
can leave behind residue and can even leave scratches on the screen. Same goes for using a

None of these steps will remove bacteria and germs from the phone but several companies do
have products that are designed to remove as much of the germs as possible.

Whoosh! is a product suggested by several tech companies. It comes in a spray bottle as a kit
with some micro-fiber cloths. Spray the phone's screen and back then immediately wipe the
moisture off with the cloth. Not only will this clean the phone but the company claims it will
prevent the device from picking up germs.

"It's actually a nano-thin layer, the more you use our product that is left on the surface of the
screen," Kevin Gabriel of Whoosh! said.

"It bonds to the surface of the screen, a hard or soft surface, and you now have no germs or
spores growing on that phone for a minimum of 24 hours," Gabriel said.