Sixteen new state laws go into effect January 1, 2018, some of which might change your everyday lives. Two of the laws focus on distracted driving, by making certain types of headlights illegal and cell phones won't be allowed in particular areas.    

Signal Mountain police detective Jim Tizzio wants you to steer clear of distractions while driving, especially talking on your cell phone in active school zones. Starting next year this will be illegal.

"It'll just be another tool, another item to look out for and to help educate everybody about," says Tizzio.

He says it's important to keep your attention on the children and traffic instead of phone conversations. If you're caught talking, texting, or doing anything else on your phone and not using it hands-free, you'll be fined up to $50.

Tizzio says enforcing the new law will be a minor, worthwhile adjustment for officers who patrol the zones.

"It's something we have to get used to just like the public," adds Tizzio. "Hopefully, it'll be a lot safer for everybody."

Another distraction to some drivers are colored headlights. Red and blue have been reserved for law enforcement and other first responders. However, Tizzio says other colors might cause confusion.

"Red and blue people know. If they see purple they think do we stop, who is that, or if they see a flashing green they get a little mixed up," says Tizzio.

Colored headlights will still be allowed if your vehicle is stationary, such as a classic car at a cruise-in. However, beginning in 2018 you'll only be allowed to use white or amber headlights while driving. Also, the color restriction will apply regardless of whether the lights are steady burning or flashing, and all vehicles will be required to have at least two but not more than four headlights.