Volunteers have been out all evening making Christmas wishes come true. The Santa train traveled around Chattanooga delivering Christmas cheer to children who least expected it.

Children were stunned to see Santa and his elves bring them presents.

This year's Forgotten Child Fund packed enough Christmas presents for 12 thousand children.

T'was the night before Christmas with no gifts under the tree.

“Well, really all we had was a small layaway,” said Ashley Holland, mother.

Some of Santa’s local helpers wouldn't let that be.

Every Christmas Eve the forgotten child fund acts as Santa surprising kids with as many toys as they can.

Giving deserving families some extra holiday help.

“It's been really with hard job losses and relocating,” said Zuri McDonald, mother.

The first stop of the Santa train was Madison Hollands house.
She didn't expect much for Christmas, she didn't even write a Christmas list.

But she's going to sleep excited after seeing 3 boxes of toys, a box of food, and bikes for her and her 5 siblings this Christmas.

“I don't deserve this like other people do I just don't,” said Madison Holland. “So many toys that I don't even think we need some tomorrow.”

AJ Hamler's house was the third stop of the night. He says he hasn't been the nicest throughout the year but has one thing on his wish list.

“I want a basketball for Christmas because I love playing basketball and I'm good at it,” said AJ Hamler, recipient.

Deep down in the bottom of the box he AJ found that special gift... A new basketball.

It is a Christmas these children say they will never forget.

“So is this the best Christmas you've had? The bestest the bestest Christmas ever,” said Madison Holland.

The Forgotten Child Fund has been collecting donations for next year and will begin restocking the shelves in January. They are looking forward to serving even more families next year.