It was a typical march afternoon for Angie Lowery. Home from work, sitting down for dinner with her youngest son Ryan.

Angie said, "the sun was shining and out of nowhere a storm came up."

"A lightning bolt struck," added Angie.

Firefighters would later confirm the lightning hit Angie's water heater and like a stack of bone-dry matches, Angie's Dallas Bay home caught fire.

"I screamed get out of the house, the house is on fire," remembered Angie.

She and Ryan made it out unharmed, blessed to be alive, no doubt, but gone were a few priceless items cherished by a family that bleeds Tennessee orange.

Angie said, "It took about 15 minutes and I lost everything."

Photos and memorabilia signed by Peyton Manning, Pat Summitt and Phil Fulmer. Once displayed with pride in this bookcase, left a charred mess.

Angies oldest son Austin who wasn't home at the time of the fire said, "that definitely wasn't easy to see, especially because I know how hard my mom worked to put everything in that house."

While insurance took care of the replaceables, Angie's loved ones, coworker Dr. Rodney Susong and friend Alan Pressley went to work on the rest. First, they arranged, in secret, a meeting with Fulmer in July.

Angie said, "my parents got to go in with us. He just sat down with my parents like they were a bunch of grandparents sitting around a table. He was awesome"

Just before Christmas the signed memorabilia started rolling in, all with a personal touch from Tennessee's new Director of Athletics.

Angie said, "it means more to me than I can even express. It's a highlight, something that I'll cherish with mom and dad and my boys forever."