Apple is in hot water after it confirmed it slows down iPhones on purpose.

The Reddit user behind a viral post that exposed the international tech giant is a 17-year-old from Mt. Juliet.

Tyler Barney taught himself how to take apart his iPhone after he noticed his newer model was slower than his brother’s old one. He tried replacing that battery, and it worked.

“Just to make sure it wasn't placebo I ran some tests with the old battery and the new battery, and the old battery was about half as fast as the new battery,” he said.

After some experimentation, Barney discovered the recent iOS update that keeps the iPhone from shutting down comes at a cost. He found, and Apple confirms, that battery technology can no longer keep up, so the phones must slow down.

“It's just outdated at this point,” he explained. “Our phones are becoming as fast as our computers, if not faster, and we need a power source to continue to provide for that.”

Now, a class-action lawsuit has been filed, alleging Apple withheld information to sell more phones. Barney said that wasn’t the point of his post.