At least a 100-million drivers are traveling this holiday weekend.

Many of them made stops at the I-24 Tennessee Welcome Center. The center was extremely busy Friday. Drivers from all over the nation stopped by as they make their way to somewhere special for the holidays. That's exactly the case for the Brueckman's who were headed to their second home in Florida months after Hurricane Irma. 

"We are returning back home to kind of get some damage cleaned up and stuff like that," said Patty Brueckman. 

Brueckman and her husband call Nebraska and Florida home, but it's been two months since they've traveled South. The last time they did, they had to clean up the damage Hurricane Irma left behind. 

"I know I'm going back to still no roof, no new windows and stuff you know just got demolished but we have to get back there we have to rebuild," said Brueckman. 

The couple left Nebraska Wednesday. Brueckman says it takes them about 40 hours to get to Florida, but planning ahead and having patience helps them get through the holiday traffic. 

"We just look at everything. We take our time; take a lot of breaks especially with the dogs you know traveling with the pups and everything." 

It's a long ride they will share with millions of drivers, but Brueckman says seeing their loved ones will make it worth it.     

"We got a lot of family in Nebraska that we just left and we kind of had a pre-Christmas up there, and we will be visiting family down in the Keys so it's gonna be fun." 

As for everyone working to overcome this year's natural disasters, Brueckman say you're not alone. 

"Stay strong. We will rebuild and merry Christmas."