A Hamilton County fire department is asking for your help identifying a pair of Grinches this holiday season. A Tri-Community Volunteer Firefighter posted video of a man inside his home Thursday evening, stealing presents days before Christmas. Now he's hoping you can help.

Firefighter Michael Chaigne said someone broke into his house late Thursday night, stealing items from inside his living room. He provided the video and photos to prove it.

Caught on camera: a man entering the Chaigne family home, while a female waits in the car.

Home surveillance video shows the man walk out of the house with a flat-screen TV and load it into the back of the car. He goes back inside, and a few minutes later returns with what appears to be a computer monitor.

He gets in the passenger seat. And the vehicle backs out of the drive way.

It's not the first time the Chaigne family has been hit. Three years ago, during the Christmas season, the same thing happened. Chaigne went to Facebook for help. "This guy and his female accomplice broke into my house last night while i was at work. If you know who they are, please contact me. Share as much as you can."

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, they have responded to 379 break-ins this year. That number is down from last year, 432 were reported in 2016.

In Chattanooga, police reported 567 theft incidents.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at (423) 209-7000.

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