The Hamilton County school district has faced many challenges over the years, which has tarnished the district's image. 

Now, school officials are trying to better the districts reputation with a new branding strategy. It was one of the main topics during Thursday's school board meeting. 

Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson has been challenged with turning the school system around, and that's exactly what he plans to do with the help of advertising firm, The Johnson Group. 

Rebounding from years of bad publicity can be hard, but it's something Dr. Johnson and school board members are trying to make happen.  

"You can do 50 things right and they'll take one thing wrong and people will really gravitate towards that one thing wrong," said Dr. Johnson. "We want to do a lot of things right. With anything you should always look at who you are, how you're perceived, how can you become more responsive to the community. So it's not so much that the history is bad; we want to build on the history as we step into the next 20 years." 

That's where The Johnson Group comes in. The firm offered to create new branding ideas free of charge. Company President and CEO, Joe Johnson, suggested to start with changing the school system's name. 

"Let's just call it the Public Schools of Hamilton County and own the fact that we are the public schools and we're proud of it because of all the attributes and benefits that go along with that," said Johnson. 

Johnson also suggested an updated website design. Johnson says the goal is to also make it easy to navigate and allow it to be mobile friendly through a potential app. He also suggested a new digital logo incorporating the faces of Hamilton County students to show diversity. 

"We can brand position our public school system with engaging compelling facts and present them to the public," said Johnson. 

It's not clear if the board will approve, but some members say they're happy with what they've seen so far. Dr. Johnson says it's  a potential first step in what he hopes is a major turnaround.    

"Putting a brand on paper means nothing; It's culture. What we're looking at is how that becomes a part of the fabric of who we are. So it's much deeper than just a pretty website or a pretty new logo. It's this is who the county is and this this is where we're headed."

Dr. Johnson says the cost to build a new website will come out of this year's approved budget. He says he expects the price to be same or less than what was paid in the past. 

The board plans to vote on the name change next month.