UPDATE: The trial of truck driver Benjamin Brewer begins Monday.

Brewer is charged in the deadly 2015 crash on Interstate 75 at the Ooltewah exit, where he failed to stop his semi and crashed into several vehicles.

A total of six people were killed in the deadly crash. Brewer faces 6 counts of vehicular homicide from the crash.

If convicted, Brewer faces up to 72 years in prison. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A jury from Nashville has been selected in the case against Benjamin Brewer, the man charged in a deadly crash on I-75 near the Ooltewah exit.

The jury is made up of 12 men and four women who will travel to Chattanooga.

Brewer is charged with six counts of vehicular homicide and six other charges related to the crash.

His trial will begin on January 22.

PREVIOUS STORY: The judge in the Benjamin Brewer trial has dropped one of the counts against Brewer.

Count 12 which is a violation of motor carrier regulations (falsifying log books). 

But the judge said he would allow testimony regarding the subject during the trial. 

Brewer now faces 12 counts in the fatal crash.

PREVIOUS STORY: Jury selection begins today in the trial of a Kentucky truck driver accused of causing a crash that killed six people in 2015. 

Police say Benjamin Brewer was high on meth when his semi slammed into stalled traffic on I-75 North in Ooltewah. 

Six people were killed in the crash, including two children. 

Six others went to the hospital. 

All have waited more than two years for justice. 

The crash scene on I-75 North spanned half a mile. 

Among the wreckage, nine vehicles including a semi, and families changed forever. 

"I could just hear the sorrow in his voice on the other end of the phone," Hamilton County 911 Dispatcher Victoria Pecak said. 

Pecak was on the phone as Rick Watts frantically tried to find his family. 

"It just goes into the worst day of your life the next day, and the worst week and the worst month, it's a battle," Watts said. 

His wife, Tiffany, and her mother were on their way back from the Atlanta airport after picking up Tiffany's two daughters for a six-week visit. 

All four died in the crash. 

Brian Gallaher, a well-known musician from Cleveland, also died. 

As a band director at Ocoee Middle School, he touched countless lives through the world of music. 

"He had an infectious personality that his students just latched onto," Shaun Sneed said. 

Jason Ramos was on his way to Ohio when he died in the crash. 

He worked as the assistant director of residential life at Dalton State College and was known for his sense of humor and love for storytelling. 

"He's a contributor to society, he's someone who makes things better, who makes people better. and I don't think there's a higher compliment, really," Natali Bates said. 

Ryan Humphries was one of six others who was hurt in the crash. 

He's waited two and a half years for answers. 

"I want to know why he was on the interstate and why he was driving," Humphries said. 

He hopes to finally get those answers during the trial in which a Nashville jury will decide the fate of a Kentucky truck driver. 

If convicted, Brewer faces up to 72 years in prison.