A pack of beagles were rescued from an abusive home in Hamilton County. 40 animals were found and 18 were surrendered over to the Humane Educational Society.

Animal control officers said the animals were living in deplorable conditions. One puppy was in such bad shape she had to be rushed to a hospital for surgery in Georgia.

Daisy is a 12-week-old beagle, whose X-ray taken by veterinarians showed a broken femur. Officers discovered that she was run over by an ATV and her owners did nothing about it.

“In our minds that means willful neglect, that the owners did not seek medical attention for Daisy right away like they should have,” Bob Citrullo said.

HES’s Executive Director, Bob Citrullo said someone reported an unsanitary breeding situation on Signal Mountain. When animal control officers arrived, they realized they had been there before.

"But this time when we got the call, when we arrived it was very dirty, a lot of feces everywhere, no proper shelter for the animals,” he explained.

Officers found 40 animals, two which were dead. The others faced malnutrition, were thin and had parasites on their bodies. The owner surrendered 18 animals and could face neglect charges.

"They belong to the humane society now and now we can get them better and get them adopted and into a much better situation,” Citrullo said.

It's not illegal to breed animals in Tennessee, but breeders do have to obtain a license and pass inspections by the Department of Health. The Humane Society said they are investigating if the breeder had their license, but Citrullo said they were likely selling them just to make a profit.

"Unfortunately what we see in these situations is that it's all about the money, they don't care about the animals. They neglect them and let them live in filthy conditions and that's what we're seeing with this,” he said.

Citrullo said if this situation wasn't reported, more animals could have been hurt.

"It’s the holiday season, I know we're all busy and everybody is thinking about other things and spending time with family and friends but abuse and neglect doesn't take a day off,” he said.

The Humane Society is near capacity with about 350 animals. You can adopt a one of the dogs for just $85, it includes a spay or neuter, microchip, and all their vaccinations.

Some of the beagles should be ready for adoption next week. To find our how you can give them a forever home at the Humane Educational Society website.