The CPD has designated a "Safe Exchange Zone" in front of the Police Service Center, which is located at 3410 Amnicola Highway, where people can do business safely.  

A spokesperson for the CPD said, "[the] purpose of CPD Safe Exchange Zone is to protect Chattanooga community members while swapping, trading, buying/selling items or during child custody exchanges."

Security cameras will be recording 24/7, and you do not have to check in with the police department to make your transaction. 

"Anyone who wants to make a transaction does not need to check in at CPD," a CPD spokesperson explained. "Participants need only to park in front of the sign and complete their business within the zone markings.
This Safe Exchange Zone is intended for legal small item transactions and child custody exchanges."

There are some transactions that are not allowed. Those include:

  • Illegal transactions such as narcotics, hazardous materials, stolen property
  • Transactions involving firearms, ammunition and explosives

The CPD recommends that all exchanges take place during daylight hours. In addition, they ask that you use caution.