UPDATE: U-Verse restored WRCB to its system Saturday morning. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Attention AT&T U-verse Subscribers:

U-verse stopped carrying WRCB Channel 3 on its system as of 5:00pm (EST) on Tuesday 12/19/17.

We want you to know that in the hope that we would avoid any unnecessary service disruptions, WRCB has granted U-verse a series of extensions allowing them to keep carrying WRCB on U-verse long after our carriage agreement with them was set to expire earlier this year. We granted these extensions in order to provide ample time to allow U-verse and WRCB to successfully negotiate the terms of a new retransmission agreement. 

We have similarly offered U-verse a further extension; but, U-verse refused.

Nevertheless, our offer remains in effect. U-verse can immediately resume carriage of WRCB in the same manner as before in the hope that during the extension period we can successfully conclude negotiations for a new multiyear agreement to allow them to carry WRCB. But for now, U-verse stands by its decision to remove our signal from their system. 

We continue to hope that we will reach an agreement with U-verse which recognizes the fair value of our programming. We continue to reach out to U-verse in hope of continuing our discussions with them to work to reach a new agreement to return our signal to the U-verse system.

Facts you should know

You can still receive WRCB while U-verse refuses to carry us. WRCB’s free over the air broadcast signal continues to be available through an over the air antenna and, through the month of December, WRCB will remain on all other cable and satellite services.  You can attach a VHF/UHF antenna to your digital sets or a digital converter box for your analog sets or contact an alternate service provider to continue to receive your favorite news, sports, weather, and entertainment programming from WRCB and NBC. More information is posted below.

What you can do:

Call U-verse at 1-800-228-2020 TO VOICE YOUR CONCERN or call Channel 3 at 423-267-5412.

Tell them to honor our extension and that you want to continue watching WRCB and NBC on U-verse. 

Alternative reception methods:

  1. Free over-the-air reception: Most local locations can receive WRCB's free over-the-air signal. You will need a VHF/UHF antenna hooked up to your digital television set. If you have an older, analog television set, you will need to hook a VHF/UHF antenna to a digital-to-analog converter box and then connect the converter box to your analog television set.  You will need to rescan the channel settings to receive all of the available channels in your area.
  2. Satellite reception: WRCB’s signal is available on DISH NETWORK.  New customers may call them directly at 1-888-933-3176.
  3. Cable television: WRCB's signal is available on many other cable systems:

You can even use a Microsoft X-Box One to watch WRCB over-the-air.