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Coldest morning of the season on Saturday causes widespread frost

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This past Saturday morning was the coldest so far of the season, dipping to 23 degrees in Chattanooga. Some areas dropped into the teens, including Bear Trace golf course.

When the winds are calm and the skies are clear, the temperature drops faster overnight. And we're coming up on frosty mornings.

Frost is frozen dew, and it develops when the temperature and the dew point are 32 degrees or colder. This causes grass to become brittle.

Paul Carter, the Golf Course Superintendent at Bear Trace, says, "Saturday morning was unique, it was one of the heavier frost we've had out here in a long time."

The frost forecast is important to golfers at Bear Trace who have to wait for the frost to melt or burn off before hitting the links. That could delay a game by a few hours early in the morning.

Carter adds, "The plant cells, the cells within the plant, they freeze, and so everything inside of the plant then freezes."

Carter oversees Bear Trace, keeps a close eye on frost and says you should too. If you play on frost covered grass, walk on it or attempt to mow it, you could snap the plant cells in half, and damage won't appear until days later.

This time of year, Carter isn't afraid to delay tee times if it keeps the grass safe. He says your best bet is to schedule your game between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Bear Trace is located at
 8919 Harrison Bay Rd, Harrison, TN 37341, and open every day except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

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