Thousands of families across Chattanooga picked up Christmas at the Salvation Army Monday. The gifts came from the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree.

"I'm looking forward to this one,” volunteer Ron Moore said as he prepared to deliver presents. “It's special."

Moore is looking forward to delivering gifts, not to his family, but to people he’s never met.

"These are different kids. There's 1...2...3... There's some underneath here," Moore pointed at gifts.

He’s delivering Christmas to children and adults only identified as "angels" on the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree.

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, people have been buying gifts for those families.

"This is where we get to give the gifts back to those families," Kimberly George, with the Salvation Army, said

This year more than 4,800 angels were on the tree. That’s 400 more than last year. Not every angel was "adopted," but many people donated extra gifts to the Salvation Army, making Christmas possible for every person who signed up. 

"Need is great, but generosity is even greater," urged George.

Toys and clothes bought as gifts were put into bags, and each bag was put into a box for each family, then they were delivered.

"It helps me a lot because I’m a grandparent and I’m raising two granddaughters," Zsa Zsa Tarvin, who picked up gifts for her grandchildren, said

Tarvin said people opening their hearts means her grandkids will have gifts under the tree this Christmas.

"I'm just thankful that they want to help the children and I appreciate it," Tarvin said.

It’s stories like Tarvin’s that are why Moore continues to volunteer.

"There's a certain exultation I guess you might say," Moore said.

Moore is giving out more than toys. He’s helping spread the Christmas spirit.

“See ya later!” Moore yelled after delivering presents. “Take care now!”

More than 1,500 families in the Chattanooga area received gifts from the Angel Tree this year. Food boxes were also given out to each family.

The Salvation Army is still collecting donations through its Red Kettle fundraiser.