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UPDATE: Travel woes in Atlanta continue; how to get a refund if you're affected

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A terrible day for travelers in Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport lost power Sunday afternoon.

The outage caused a domino effect, more than one thousand flights have been delayed or canceled and caused causing problems for other airports across the country.

The outage woes at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will continue to impact flights for the coming days.

Monday Atlanta-based Delta Airlines canceled an additional 300 flights, with more possible.

In Chattanooga, some Delta Air Line flights were cancelled. Many carriers rely on planes coming in from other cities including Atlanta.
The world's busiest airport at a standstill and in the dark Sunday night, just a week away from Christmas weekend.

"Well everything was fine yesterday when I arrived we actually got on the plane and were ready to go," said Rita Bowen.
Unlike many other people who were stranded, Bowen is not traveling to see family, she's trying to get to Philly for work, but her trip was cut short because of the power outage in Atlanta.

"They said there was a slight delay and then it kept getting slighter and slighter. So we left and came back,” she explained.
Georgia Power said a fire in an underground electrical facility may be to blame.

"We don't know the cause of the fire, it will take some time to investigate it,” said Betina Terry with Georgia Power.
While officials looked for answers, passengers are looking to find out when they can get to their final destination.

"They’re very nice; they're always very nice here, it’s a fire you can't do anything about it,” Bowen said.

This is only day two of the season where U.S. air carriers are expected to fly 51 million passengers through January 4.
Now airlines are scrambling to re-book flights during an already busy time of year.

Airport officials advise that you check your flight status before you come to the airport and arrive early if you’re flying this week.

Channel 3’s Flight Tracker monitors real-time flight statuses. Most airlines are issuing waivers and refunds to those who were traveling through Atlanta with the airline on December 17th or 18th.

Here are links to the waivers for Chattanooga’s airline carriers offering refunds/credit for their customers:

Channel 3 spoke with a spokesperson for the Chattanooga Airport.

“Due to some power outages at Atlanta’s Hartsville-Jackson International Airport, Delta flights from Chattanooga to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Chattanooga have been canceled. We have no further information at this time and as always we ask that you check with your air carrier before arriving at the  airport for your flight.”

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