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Goodnight, puppies!

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Today McKamey Animal Center is staying up late for their fourth annual holiday all-nighter. It’s a twelve-hour adoption celebration, starting at noon and ending at midnight.

All of this is in an effort to get as many animals as possible in new homes for Christmas. Adoption fees are $12 for cats and $24 for dogs. All adoptions include spay-neuter, vaccinations and micro-chipping.

McKamey (as well as other animal centers) are filled with volunteers that give their time, energy and effort to ensure all animals are loved while in their care. Shelley Pickett has been volunteering at McKamey for some time. Recently she began taking video of her nightly routine of wishing each and every dog a good night.

"I did it for myself and posted it on my personal page and people really responded to it and seemed to like it,” explained Pickett. “So I asked if I could add it to the McKamey page and they said yes. So it's been hugely successful in terms of raising awareness and for the exposure of the animals."

Those videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times on their Facebook page. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Shelley hopes that through her series of goodnight videos, people’s perception of shelter dogs will be positive as well. She says that the dogs at McKamey are the lucky ones.

"Although they are not in there forever home, they are in a warm spot, their bellies are full, they don't lack for thirst and they're tucked in by people that love them."

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