UPDATE: Twenty people are without a place to live after an early morning fire at a Dalton apartment complex. 

The fire was so big, first responders could see the flames from nearly a mile away at Park Canyon Apartments. 

"It was a big fire and it burned really fast," Bruce Frazier with Dalton Police & Fire Departments said. 

One picture taken by Dalton Police Officer Andrew Sell shows what firefighters were met with early Friday morning: A mountain of orange flames. 

It didn't take long before the fire consumed the entire 700 building. 

Those living inside the 20 one-bedroom apartments were probably still asleep.

"Bang, bang, bang, get out! And I woke up and could tell something was wrong and when I came to, I just smelled smoke," Alex Cheeks said. 

Cheeks said the fire spread so fast, he barely had time to get out of his 2nd-floor apartment. 

"I went through my window, grabbed onto my balcony and just shimmied down the support beam," he added. 

Firefighters rescued one woman stranded on her balcony, some got out with the quick thinking of officers and other residents. 

"They said they were knocking on doors, kicking in doors making sure everyone knew the building was on fire and needed to get out," Frazier. 

Cheeks, and other people who lived in Building 700, likely lost everything. 

Tonight, he's thankful to have his life. 

"To me, I lost all my stuff, that's sad. But I've got myself. So, that's what matters to me," he said. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

PREVIOUS STORY: An early morning fire has left an apartment building at The Park Canyon Apartments on Park Canyon Drive in Dalton destroyed. 

Dalton police Officer Andrew Sell, along with nearby residents, saw the blaze and began knocking on doors to alerts the building's residents.

Firefighters used a chainsaw to enter the 700 building, since the fire burned through the roof, which appears to have collapsed into the structure.

No injuries have been reported. All of the building's 21 occupants have been accounted for, according to the fire chief. One person was rescued using a ladder.

PREVIOUS STORY: Firefighters in Whitfield County are battling an apartment fire on Park Canyon Drive off of College Drive.

Dispatch tells us that the call came in just before 6:00 a.m.