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Tipster talks about helping police solve attempted rape case

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Chattanooga police officers are thanking the community for helping put away a man accused of attempted rape. 

Thomas Lee Carr was arrested Wednesday morning for following a woman home and trying to rape her. 

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But police are crediting dozens of callers and tipsters for the arrest. 

Chris Talley has worked at Amazon for about five years. He says that's where he first met Carr. He says Carr was recently rehired at Amazon and the two reconnected a few days ago. 

"I've known Thomas a couple of years now never thought anything like this would happen," said Talley. 

Talley says he was shocked when he logged onto Facebook Tuesday night. He says he saw police were looking for a man accused of trying to rape a woman inside her apartment.

"It was crazy because I know this guy like I've talked to this guy on several occasions and he just gave me his number like two or three days previous to all of this happening," said Talley. "I saw those two pictures and they were clear as day it was definitely Thomas." 

Talley immediately called 911.

"I told them he works out at the Lee Highway Planet Fitness. He told me, he goes there every morning to shower and whenever you scan your badge your picture pops up so I was like they definitely know who he is." 

Carr was charged with attempted rape. The arrest report lists, Talley among the many tipsters who helped identify Carr.  Carr was later picked out in a six-person lineup. 

Talley says he's not looking for any thank you's or recognition. 

"It was amazing hearing thank you, but that's not what I was looking for. I was just looking to help the young woman out and hopefully inspire other people who know anything about any other cases. They might know something and hopefully, they can reach out to the police department," said Talley. 

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