UPDATE: A truck collided with a Hamilton County school bus Wednesday morning on East Brainerd Road.

The crash happened about 9:00am as the bus was picking up students near Mackey Branch Road.

The students were on their way to East Brainerd Elementary before the crash.

The bus, #433, was damaged in the crash. Students were checked for injuries and taken off the bus before they boarded a new bus to go to school.

Tim Hensley, spokesman for Hamilton County Schools, says the bus was stopped and loading students for East Brainerd Elementary School when the truck ran into the back of the bus.

No serious injuries were reported, but one was transported to the hospital as a precaution because the child complained of a sore chest, according to Hensley.

Once the children arrived at the school, they were to be checked again by the school nurse to make sure they are not injured.  The school counselor will also work with the children to make sure they were not impacted emotionally as a result of the incident, Hensley said.

Parents were to be notified via a telephone message to let them know about the incident and that the children were not seriously injured in the accident.