Every year, the automotive tide washes new models into showrooms — and drags old ones away.

Among the departing models this time are a few that never caught on with customers, along with some well-known names. 

With auto sales expected to fall for the first time since 2009, car companies have a greater incentive to cut the number of models they offer. Yet, at the same time, most major makers still want to try to offer a model in every major automotive category.

"Even though the market is shrinking a bit, manufacturers still needs a full-line offering to be competitive," says Jessica Caldwell, an analyst for Edmunds.com, a car-buying website.

Among those models going away, some will likely to be gone forever while others will take a break — only to be resurrected again. Ford, for instance, is planning to offer a new version of its Ranger pickup and Bronco off-road vehicles, models that it sent out to pasture a few years ago.

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