Voters are heading to the polls for what some are calling one of the closest elections in Alabama history, as Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones battle it out for the crucial state U.S Senate seat.

In Scottsboro, Alabama, Tuesday, campaign signs lined the streets, and “I Voted” stickers could be spotted everywhere. 

“It’s extremely important," voter Stephen Wilson said. Not just in the state of Alabama, but throughout the nation."

Moore supporters said they want to keep the traditionally Republican state red. 

“We feel Roy Moore will protect our rights in the state of Alabama,” voter Larry John explained.

However, supporters for Jones said it’s time for a change.

“I came out to show support for a candidate who I feel like stands for my values,” voter Elliot Jackson said. “Someone who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and stand up for what he believes in, so he’ll stand up for what I believe in.”

Jones supporters also said there is too much controversy surrounding Moore, who is accused of sexual misconduct. 

“It’s really not something I can get behind,“ Jackson explained. 

“Politics should not come before our moral values,” voter Tiajuana Cotton echoed.

However, it’s a controversy one supporter we spoke with said should not matter. 

“We’re not doubting some of the things that happened, but it happened 40 years ago,” Johns said. “They’re just now bringing it out right before the election to swing the election.”

From abortion to immigration, each voter has a different issue bringing them to the polls.

“The partial-birth abortion is a big thing, Johns said. "Gun rights is a big thing. The people of Alabama, we believe in gun rights down here."

No matter how they are voting, voters said it’s just important to vote.

“You got to vote the way you feel,” voter Christine Lee said. “If you don’t vote the way you feel, you don’t have the right to say anything.”

Polls are open in Alabama until 7:00 pm CT. Stay with Channel 3 for updates.