If you got stuck in traffic on Highway 27 on Monday, it was all because of a pothole that opened up again near the 4th Street exit.

"Yeah, yeah, I have a couple of times. It's not pleasant," driver Hannah Mask says.

She has driven over the pothole but tries to avoid it whenever possible.

"I know it's coming, and then tastefully swerve out of the way, make[ing] sure no one's coming up to exit on 4th, Mask adds.

She says it's an annoyance but fortunately hasn't damaged her car.

The pothole is on the southbound side and has been a problem for a long time, requiring a few repairs each year. This part of the road is used by more than 70,000 drivers a day. TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says the pothole is a result of weather and a lot of wear and tear.

"When you have freezing and then thawing and couple that with an aging infrastructure, that does cause problems," Flynn explains.

She says TDOT monitors problem spots and continually patches them. It's a matter of safety.

"If you are driving and you hit a pothole that has all of a sudden opened up, it can damage your vehicle and cause crashes," Flynn says.

The patch near the 4th Street exit covers a larger area than the previous patch done during the summer.

Also, because Monday was warm, crews used hot asphalt mix which lasts longer than cold asphalt mix. So, this patch should last several months.

"We want to do this so it won't pop out at Christmas and cause everyone even more of a headache," adds Flynn.

This is good news for Mask and so many other people who will be on the roads during the holiday.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be traveling back and forth a bit," Mask says. "So, I'm sure it'll be nice to not have that be as much of a nuisance anymore."

The repair was finished around 3 p.m. Monday. Flynn says the bridge where the pothole is will be replaced as part of the overall Highway 27 project. She hopes it's completed by summer of 2019 and will be a permanent fix to the pothole problem.