The Chattanooga Fire Department responds to nearly 20,000 calls every year.

A survivor of a house fire in Lookout Valley is finally getting to say thank you to the firefighters who saved her life.

Nearly two and a half months after the house fire, Carrie Gann reunited with the three firefighters who rescued her from the large flames and heavy smoke.  She also got to hug the dispatcher who was on the phone with her the whole time.

It's hot please hurry! Carrie Gann said in the 911 call. I think I'm going to pass out.

45-year-old Carrie Gann was trapped in her home on Centro Street after a fire started early in the morning on September 20th.

Gann immediately called 911. She says it felt like she was on the phone for hours, but the call lasted less than 10 minutes.

The home in Lookout Valley is now unlivable.

Gann says it was hard for her to go back to look at her home after the fire.

When I happened to glance at that house in seen my bedroom window, and I was just like there's no way I could've gotten out of that, Gann said.

Two men were able to make it out of the house with minor injuries, but Gann
s two dogs did not survive. She says they were like her children.

It's hard not been able to cry over them yet I think I'm afraid if I start I will be able to stop, said Carrie Gann.

When firefighters rushed into the burning home to save Gann, they found her unresponsive on the floor.

After spending five days in the ICU at Vanderbilt because of smoke inhalation, she now has the opportunity to be reunited with her saviors.

I love them for this for what they did that night I could never repay them for that, Gann said.

Gann says as soon as she's up to it she'll do something a little more permanent to honor the men who saved her, like get a tattoo.

The firehouse emblem underneath it will say 'Firehouse 20,' and it will say, 'my personal heroes and it will have all three of these guys names on it,'” Gann said.

Gann was given her own fire department hoodie during the reunion and hopes to be an advocate for Chattanooga firefighters.