Christmas came early Saturday for hundreds of Chattanooga families. Redemptions to the Nations Church hosted its 5th annual Christmas Share event.

"It's about just letting them know somebody cares," Senior Pastor Kevin Wallace said.

One shopper, Mariela Lopez, was there shopping with her 12-year-old daughter.

Toys covered the tables, displaying everything from baby dolls to electronics.

Lopez only speaks Spanish, so a translator helped us talk. Channel 3 asked her about her experience at Christmas Share and why she was there.

"We came to get some gifts for Christmas season for our children," Lopez said.

She has a daughter and two younger sons. Her daughter helped pick out gifts for her brothers.

At Christmas Share, no shoppers pay for the toys. They are all donated by the church.

Lopez said the gifts they picked out today will go under the Christmas tree.

"It’s a great help and it really helps out during the season," Lopez said.

The event will help more than 1,500 children this Christmas season. More than 300 volunteers helped make it all possible.

“Some of them have fallen on really hard times, so when they come in we're greeting them with a smile, hot chocolate, candy canes, free gifts, and it's about sharing the love of God, really," Pastor Wallace urged.

As the presents are packed and carried out, Lopez couldn’t help but be grateful.

“It helps us to be united and come together," Lopez said.

The church raised money in the weeks leading up to the event to buy the toys. The local Toys "R" Us helped out too, giving the church 15 percent off toys.