The winter weather moving through the Tennessee Valley is causing slick conditions on some roads.

Crews across North Georgia have already been out to salt and sand the roads.

There were still a few people who braved the storm for some last minute groceries after a difficult Friday.

The day was frustrating for North Georgia students and teachers who were at school for only a few hours.  

“My mom wakes me up at 5:30 to tell me we have a two hour delay so I was kind of mad about that,” said Peyton Goodberlet. “Then we go to school and its news the whole time so then they sent us home way too late I have to drive over the mountain.”

When the students got out early some parents, like Andy Griffith, had to pick up a few more groceries and brave the weather for another stop in the snow.

Griffith also has to wake up early Saturday morning to go to work.  Even though temperatures will continue to drop through the night she's still optimistic she’ll get to work safely.  

“Not too bad I would just watch the bridges and overpasses and stuff I think it'll be fine,” said Andy Griffith. “I think if anything the wind will probably draw some of it out hopefully.”

Others are preparing for a weekend with family members who had to drive through the snow from Tuscaloosa.

Brenda Crosman says they tried several exits to find something to eat but everything was already closed.

As they drove Crosman told them what to expect.

“Already called and told them right now 151 down to Lafayette over the ridge looks good,” said Brenda Crosman.

While dispatchers have said for the most part there aren't a lot of problems on the roadways, you can still stay up to date with our WRCB app.