If you park your car in the garage, you would think it would be safe. In Crime Stoppers, this week, a bad guy didn't let that stop him. 

"Back in November we had a suspect that was going around the Jefferson Heights neighborhood," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. It was between 3:00 AM and 10:00 AM and that guy was up to no good. As the occupants slept, he selected a house. 

"The home surveillance system provides us with some of the pictures and video you'll see you today," Sgt. Miller continued. "He entered a residence through a garage, opened the garage, it was unlocked, and he went into the vehicle and stole several items from that vehicle." His take was any valuables left in the vehicle, all the way down to a cellphone charger. "So, anything that you're leaving in your vehicle that's of any sort of value, the criminals are going to take that," Miller added.

The pictures of this guy are clear. "You will see a white male suspect," explained Miller. "He's wearing a yellow shirt and it looks like he has a blue bandanna over his face. But, if you know who he is, you'll recognize him, immediately."

If that's you, if you know him, you could start the new year with up to $1,000 reward cash. "If you know this person to be your friend or family member, call in to Crime Stoppers, provide the information that we need as far as his name and identifying information, and he will never know that you called," Sgt. Miller said.

If you live in the Southside, stay alert. "The probability is that the suspect is in this area somewhere," said Miller. "So, you may see him out the Main Street area or he could be in Jefferson Heights. He could be in neighborhoods that surround there. So, if you live in that area, be on the lookout for this person and notify police if you see him."

This case serves as a sad reminder to us all: even if your vehicle is in your garage... lock it, hide your valuables, or hold them.. take them inside.

To claim some reward money, you don't have to know this guy. If you have seen him around, provide that direction to detectives and if it helps lead to an arrest, claim your prize. 

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333. 

The hotline is manned 24-7 and we will never ask who you are.