Channel 3 now knows why five Grundy County High School students accused of attempted rape were likely not expelled.

The student handbook calls for immediate expulsion for no less than a calendar year. Channel 3 found out that handbook doesn't match up with board policy and state law.

Board members voted to change that on Monday.

"Our handbook does not match the school board policy or state law with regards to zero tolerance," Jessie Kinsey, Grundy County Director of Schools said on Monday.

Director Kinsey said the school board has been thoroughly reviewing district policies since October. That's the same month four juniors and a senior were accused of trying to rape a freshman inside the high school's field house.

Kinsey told Channel 3 a committee of district supervisors and an oversight committee reviewed current board policies and student handbooks to make sure they were following state and federal laws. She calls it a contract for students and parents.

What the committee found was that the student handbooks needed to be updated on their zero tolerance policy. It will now reflect that the director of schools can evaluate violations on a case by case basis.

Attempted rape calls for a student to be expelled immediately for at least a calendar year in the student handbook, but a look at the school board policy shows a student would face five days of in school suspension or alternative school at the administration's discretion.

Monday's vote by board members could clear up that confusion.

It's unclear how long it's been since the student handbook has been revised.

Kinsey said they hope to have the new information and other handbook amendments to parents and students by early next week. It will also be posted on the district's website.