This year, there's no need to wear grandma's knitted sweater, unless you want to! The struggle is real for many parents. Getting a child to wear a coat or even slacks this time of year can be a chore. With changing temperatures this weekend and next week, picking the clothing material for your little one can be tricky.

Phillip and his daughter Benny are from New York. They're used to the cold. That's one of the reasons it's a challenge to get Benny to dress for the dropping temperatures.

A customer at Rock Creek Outfitters, Phillip Mansueto asks daughter Benny, "Do you like to wear a jacket?"

Benny replies shyly, "No."

Phillip adds keeping Benny's comfort in mind is part of his strategy, "Try to remove tags, let her pick out her clothes the night before...let her pick out her jacket."

Mom of two, Cristin, faces a similar challenge. Her daughter must have fluffy clothing, and her six-year-old son doesn't like the weight of a coat.

Cristin Doty says, "So I pick something that I know is warm, by what it's made of, but it doesn't feel heavy. It's non-existent really to him."

As parents gear up for the challenge ahead, Rock Creek Outfitters say cotton is nice, but if it gets wet, you're even colder. They recommend wool and not your grandma's knitted sweater.

Co-owner of Rock Creek Outfitters, Chad Wykle says "The old scratchy wool that you're used to as a kid, that's gone by the wayside, and replaced by Merino wool."

The old school wool had long fibers. The synthetic Merino Wool has shorter fibers, making it more comfortable and bearable to wear.

Wykle adds, "You can remember pulling those big sweaters over and just praying, that you had something next to your skin to keep the wool off of ya."

The best way to keep your child warm is where we all lose heat the most: your head. A Wind Chill Advisory is activated when the wind chill is expected to reach -4 or colder. While we likely won't see these values next week, it's possible temperatures will dip into the teens on the plateaus and ridges, making it frigid at the bus stop next week.

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