It's a case Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross said was a first in county history: A couple, found with more than a dozen homemade pipe bombs and investigators haven't said why. 

Robert York, 56, and Teshina Bates, 36, are in jail without bond after police discovered 13 homemade pipe bombs in York's truck and home. 

Steven Brown is the commander of the bomb squad for Chattanooga Police. 

He is not part of the investigation in Dade County but has responded to similar calls in the region. 

He said he typically sees three kinds of pipe bombs in this area. 

"Routinely it's going to be a piece of cast steel, aluminum, or metal of some sort with two external end caps and it's going to be backfilled with some sort of a powder or a stick of dynamite or anything like that," Brown added. 

Injuries from a pipe bomb explosion can be pretty serious but Brown said they depend on the size and proximity to the blast. 

"You're looking at probably 10-15 feet, mortal injuries on a lot of them. Just in regards to the shrapnel that could pass through you," he said. 

Brown wouldn't go into specifics of how a pipe bomb is made, citing safety reasons, but he did say getting the materials needed to make one isn't hard and are not regulated. 

"It's all homemade stuff. So, whatever someone can figure out in regards to it," he said. 

There are a lot of reasons, Brown said, someone might make a pipe bomb but regardless of that reason, it's against the law to make or have one and could result in some serious charges. 

"Boredom can hit people and they'll go out and create these things. Some people may utilize them to get rid of stumps," he added. 

Back in Dade County, it's the job of a judge to hear the evidence and decide what happens to York and Bates.

The pair does not have a court date set right now. 

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