Shaking a tree is part of the selling process at The Barn Nursery. It's a step to ensure loose needles and any bugs don't go home with the customer. But if you do find an insect this holiday season, Troy Carlson suggests using non-chemical, organic only ingredients.

"Neem oil, the active ingredient is neem oil, it's an extract from a tree native to the Indian subcontinent," says Carlson.

"On Captain Jack's Deadbug, it's actually a toxin derived from a bacteria found in the Caribbean Rum Distillery," states Carlson.

The natural ingredients are safer for kids and pets that may be itching to climb in or around your tree. There are also home remedies.

Carlson adds, "At home, you could try something like garlic pepper tea."

Garlic is a natural repellent, which makes the smell unappetizing for insects, and cayenne and habanero peppers have an ingredient called Capsaicin. This is the chemical responsible for making your mouth burn, and insects and pests do not like spicy plants.

You can spray this tea on doors and windows to ward off insects trying to come in your home in the coming weeks as it turns colder.

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