A Bradley County woman died over the weekend at a burn center in Georgia. Ninety percent of Jeannette Sue Hayes’ body was covered in burns after a fire on Powell Road last month.

Michael Hayes said he was out of the house for only 3 minutes before he heard his wife screaming for help. He is calling her death, a freak accident. I thought the house was on fire first, then I got to my wife. I said, hunny what is going on and I looked and seen how bad she was burnt, said Hayes husband Michael.

It's a difficult image for Michael Hayes to remember. He said his wife did it all the time, it was her trick to prevent clothes from tearing. She was putting her clothes on and she had a string that come unraveled from somewhere, she took a cigarette lighter and burned it off.

In seconds her clothes were engulfed in flames. Emergency crews swarmed their front yard before she was airlifted to a burn unit. She told me right before she stepped on the ambulance bed, she loved me forever and she would see me when she got out of the hospital. I told her not to worry about that, I would get her the best help that I could get her.

Michael knows the next few months will be difficult ones, but he's counting on the memories made over the last nine years to get him through. Everything. Of course, with all relationships we have had good days and bad days. But I loved everything about that woman.

Funeral arraignments for Jeanette Hayes are scheduled for later this week.

Bradley County fire officials remind people to never put fire on any part of your body or clothing.