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Kayakers and paddlers on the Ocoee River welcome damaged flume

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Those who usually hang up the suit this time of year will be out on the water this winter thanks to mother nature.

About one mile north of dam two on the Ocoee, a rock damaged a flume last month.

TVA Spokesperson Scott Fiedler says, "We're in the process of assessing the slope, making sure it's safe to move on up there, and the next phase will be assessing how much damage, and then getting a plan together, and see how we need to repair it."

TVA tells Channel 3 repairs will begin January 1st, 2018, and are expected to take four months ending sometime in April. In the meantime, the damage is creating rapids, making now through April a fun time for water sports.

Daxton Bacalman with Rock Creek Outfitters says the store is stocked with winter gear, "Marina wool, non- cotton, or fleece at least, and then most people wear dry suits at that time."

Bacalman says the water has been excellent due to this year's rain, and tomorrow's rainfall will likely get more folks out on the water this week.

The temperatures don't get cold enough here to play a factor, but the rainfall they keep a close eye on. They are welcoming a La Nina winter.

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