Every year Google and Apple name the best media content of the year.

Apple's 'Best of' hasn't been released but Google Play has named the best movie, game, book, music and TV of 2017.

It's "Best App" of the year goes to homework helper app Socratic.

Stating that it's the "app that blew us away", Google describes it as being cleverly conceived, beautifully designed and wonderfully useful.

Socratic is an app for iPhones and Android devices that can actually look at homework problems and do them.

It's a snap. Really. It works by using the phone's camera to take a photo of the problem. And we're not talking about simple arithmetic.

I found a homework problem that asks for a diagram showing all the possible blood types of a child born to a mom with blood type O and a father with the blood type AB.

Fairly quickly, Socratic created the diagram and even explained how it came up with the answer.

It also provided more detail of blood types, and a video lesson! Wow!

Socratic gets the answers with the help of artificial intelligence and from college graduates, educators, historians and mathematicians who are on call, so-to-speak.

Socratic says its intent is not simply giving the answers, but teaching students how to answer them.

The digital tutor understands and can help students in any school subject.

It is mind-blowing to see the app in action and it makes me ask the question: 'where was this when I was in school?'